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Q1.​ How long can it be used in the unopened state?

For cosmetics, the law (Pharmaceutical Machinery Law) does not require a specific expiration date for "those whose properties and quality are guaranteed to be stable for more than 3 years after manufacture or import". I am. We have confirmed that this product can maintain its quality for more than 3 years. Please use it within 3 years from the time of manufacture.

Q2.​ Is this product made in Japan?

Yes. Manufactured and sold in Japan.

Q3.​ How many minutes should I use the mask?

After washing your face, leave it on the skin prepared with lotion for about 15 minutes.

Q4.​ Can I use milky lotion or cream after masking?

You can use it. After thoroughly infiltrating the beauty ingredients with a sheet mask,

You can keep the moisture better by covering it with milky lotion or cream.

Q5.​ Which is more effective if you use it in the morning or at night?

By using it before makeup in the morning, it has the effect of improving the condition of the skin and improving the make-up.

It can be expected and has the role of retaining the moisture content of the skin while sleeping at night.

Please choose according to the skin condition of the day.

Q6.​ It doesn't seem to fit my skin and I feel irritation, is that okay?

The skin is not constant and may become temporarily hypersensitive due to hormones, etc.

The ingredients that cause allergic reactions differ depending on the customer.

If you have a sensitive constitution that is prone to get a rash on cosmetics, try it on an inconspicuous part such as the inside of your arm before use.

The next day, check for any abnormalities such as redness and itchiness before using.

Q7.​ Is it okay to go to bed with the mask on?

Avoid using the sheet mask for a long time as it may be a burden on your skin.

Please use 15 minutes as a guide.

Q8.​ What is a "kawaii ingredient"?

The origin of the women's longing "princess" and "Cinderella" reminiscent of "kawaii"

It refers to premixed ingredients.

Q9.​ Please tell me the specific ingredient name of "kawaii ingredient".



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